event manager mail merge processing



Technical Installation

Preliminary Actions

Before following the instructions contained in the document you need to have installed Event Manager and configured an email please refer to the Event Manager user guide to installand configure Event Manager.

User Guide for Processing Mail Merges

Use this section to understand how to use the Event Manager Mail Merge logic in order to produce new and process existing mail merges.

Technical Installation

1. Create a Document Type in Synergy. All the mail merge templates that will be created have to be linked to this document type. The document category structure of these document templates does not matter, but you can use the category structure to have a good overview of your mail merge layouts.


  • Log into Synergy
  • Select Documents, Setup
  • Select Document: Types
  • Click New
  • Add all the information for the new

Document Type. For the purpose of doing

the Mail Merge for Marketing. You may want

select as given in the picture below.

  1. Create Template/s. Add a new document and place the mail merge field i.e. {fieldname} in that document.

If you are going to include fields in the mail merge then you will have to be sure to have those Synergy fields selected in the SQL query mentioned below that retrieves the templates/documents from Synergy.

The document type is important, and the document number that will be assigned to this document is important for the rest of the installation.

Note: This document should be a normal document; it does not have to be a mail merge document!

  1. Create a query definition on the Synergy database with the following information. This query retrieves all the templates from the database according to the Document Type that has been assigned to the document. Build the query using Event Manager tabs as shown below – add a description, select the tables and columns and check the HID as the Unique field. The filter for the Document in Synergy.

Tables: BacoDiscussions

Columns: Body, Subject, HID (unique on HID)

Filter: Type = (this is the Document Type Number = 106 in the example)

  1. Create an ODBC link to the KS_Objects.mdb database that is located in the Data-folder of the Event Manager installation. Be sure to select the correct ODBC Administrator program if you are running on an x64 OS.

  1. Create a new Application Event in the Event Manager console, for example with the name "Event Manager Objects Table", and link this to the connection that you have created in the previous step.

  1. Create a new Event and link this event to the query of the Synergy database, that you have created in step 3:

  1. On the "Actions" tab, select the sub tab "Submit SQL". Enter the Event Manager Objects event as the connection information and enter the following query in the SQL Statement box:

UPDATE sqlalert SET message = ‘{BEGIN*HTML}{Body}{END*HTML}’ WHERE lookup = ‘{HID}’

Create a schedule for this event, preferably every minute and save this event.

9. Create a query definition and an event in the Synergy application event for selecting all the employees who you want to send the mail merge to.

In the event, make sure that you set the "lookup key" to the document number of the template that you have created in Synergy, otherwise the template will not be used for the email.

In the event, there is no need to specify the content for the email, this will be done by the previously created event. Make sure you fill out the rest of the fields on the Email tab.

Set a schedule for this event, for example once a day.

10. The emails will now be sent according to the layout that is provided in the Synergy document.

User Guide for Processing Mail Merges

Once the technical installation has been performed you can then begin using Event Manager Mail Merges with Synergy.

The installation for Diet to Go has a rolling 2 week window to capture clients that have fallen off and sends them a “We Miss You” email notification to encourage them to get back on the program and meal plan. This process is automated but should you want to update the template or create new template you will need to understand where and what to update in order to achieve this.

The basic parts are the template/document in Synergy and the document Lookup key in the Event Manager itself.

These are covered above in item 9 in the previous section and in item 1 and 2 above.

Quite simply you update the existing document which will then be used by the process or in the case where you create an entirely new document you would need to change the document Lookup Key in item 9 above.

Event Manager is currently running on the DTG-SQL2. Thus in order to access event manager you will need to have access to the server to open and edit settings in the Event Manager.

Below are the scenarios and their procedures.

Update the existing “We Miss You”


  1. Log into Synergy
  2. Search for Document 975 – this document is under the Heading of Marketing Documents – Event Manager Mail Merges.
  3. Select Edit
  4. Make changes that you would like.
  5. Save the document.

Note: Do not remove of change {FirstName} as this is used by the Mail Merge to insert the person’s first name.

Replace a Mail Merge Document with a New One


  1. Log into Synergy
  2. Select Documents
  3. Select – Entry – Document:New
  4. Under the Heading of Marketing Documents click Event Manager Mail Merges
  5. Create your document
  6. Save you new document and note the document number.
  7. Log into the DTG-SQL2 server
  8. From the Start Menu – All Programs – navigate to Exact Event Manager and select Eevnt Manager.
  9. When the program opens go to Synergy Connection- Events