MAX Client Troubleshooting:

1) Not a local admin on the machine (Windows – Computer)

2) .Net 3.51 not loaded in Windows (Control Panel – Windows Features)

3) Firewall is on or no exception for Port 8080 or 1433

4) Server Move bat did not copy files

5) Crystal Reports Fail

When installing MAX on a new system, it may be necessary to manually register the ExactMAXCRViewer.dll to run Crystal Reports. If Crystal Reports do not run follow these instructions:

1. Go to the RMClient\EFW folder

2. Right click the file ExactMAXCRViewer.reg

3. Choose “Merge” in the pop-up menu

4. If a User Account Control dialog pops up to run Registry Editor click Yes to allow it to run

5. A Registry Editor warning dialog will appear click Yes to complete the import

6) To ensure that the needed registry keys are updated go to the C:\EXACT\RMCLIENT\EFW folder and search for *.reg. Right click and MERGE all 3 registry imports.

  • ExactMAXCRViewer.reg
  • ExactRMEnc.reg
  • RegUnReg_DLL_OCX.Reg

7) System Manager in Multiple Profiles

If another Windows Profile has MAX running or has any of the Module EXEs loaded into memory, then MAX will not run in other profiles. MAX will not load multiple instances of itself on a single Windows install across multiple profiles i.e. Switch User. Make sure that there is a single profile only active. Check this by Going into Right Clicking the Task Bar >> Task Scheduler >> Users and right click and sign-off all other. Reboot if necessary.

8) Remote Access Sessions and Security Considerations on Registry

In remote access sessions Windows does not always allow the System Manager program to update the registry. In such a case you may need to manually add the registry keys:

These are String Values here >> HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ExactRM\Executive\DataManager


ExactRMDBName = <MAX Database Name on SQL Server > i.e. ExactMAXSAM

ERMCompanyName= <the text name of the company> i.e. MAX Sample Company