When logging into MAXAnywhere, it reports that the MAX license is not activated even though the license has been successfully activated and the MAX clients do not report any activation issues.

MAXAnywhere stores the activation/connection information in the web.config file. This message could be the result of a mismatch between the connection information in this file and the ExactMAX Primary Database connection information in the C:\Exact\RMServer\LIC\ExactRMCon.enc file. The following steps can be used to resolve the problem:

  1. On the MAX server, rename the C:\Exact\RMServer\LIC\ExactRMCon.enc file to ExactRMCon.bak.
  2. Use the Max client on the MAX server to login to MAX. The client will prompt for the Exact MAX Primary Database Setup information to rebuild the ExactRMCon.enc that was deleted.
  3. Complete the MAX activation process if prompted to do so. Section 1.6 of the MAX System Manager user guide has instructions on how to perform a MAX license activation.
  4. Once the MAX activation process has been done, run the MAXAnywhere Installation and Configuration Wizard and select the Change MAXAnywhere settings option in the Action Selection window.
  5. After specifying the path to the web.config file, it should not be necessary to change any settings in this process. Selecting the "Change Settings" button at the end of the process will recreate the MAX connection information in the web.config file and resolve the mismatch.
  6. The wizard will go through the various steps that are required and report that "Change Settings of MAXAnywhere complete".