MAX 5.6.2 Release Notes

MAX 5.6.2 Batch 4999

MAX 5.6.2 Batch 4999 is generally available to MAX customers as of March 5, 2021. This release is an update only.

Changes in MAX 5.6.2 update

• Support for QuickBooks 21.0

• Enhancement – The active lot number limit for parts has been increased to 500 when running the Physical Inventory Update and Purge function

• Defect corrections

This document includes a list of the corrections included in MAX 5.6.2 batch 4999.

The following documents can be found on the ECI Customer Portal on the MAX Software Install and Upgrade Reference Library. Please review these documents before upgrading to this release of MAX.

• MAX5.6.2 System Requirements

• MAX 5.6.2 Upgrade Instructions from MAX 5.5.8 or later versions

• MAX 5.6.2 Upgrade Instructions from versions before MAX 5.5.8

ID Backlog Group Defect Description Reference Resolved in Build
D-53824 Dynamics FIM Closed Sales Order displays in MRP




D-64697 Inventory Control Key Value Not Found in Part_Lot when doing a Rework Shop Receipt of Serial Controlled Part Case


D-65368 Inventory Control Parts in Part Master flagged with Inspection Required – the Pop up is not displaying at receipt Case


D-64008 Material Requirements Planning MRP Closes when trying to drill into a parent order from Activity | MRP Details and the parent item is more than 15 characters long Case


D-66920 Material Requirements Planning MRP Planner Action grid is showing wrong Reference Case


D-66922 Material Requirements Planning Forecast Order does not save UDF Key and UDF Reference to Requirement_Detail Case


D-66439 MAX Anywhere – Shop Floor Control Max Anywhere creating incorrect transactions when using backflush Case


D-66432 MAX Update MAX Update – Application Causing Random Heap Crash Case


D-63823 Sales Order Entry Packing list report data in the incorrect

order when the order contains serial numbers



D-64915 Sales Order Entry Serial Numbers are not printed on

Packing List for a Consignment Order



D-65954 Sales Order Entry Due Quantity of a Consignment Sales Order Line is incorrect after changing current date Case


D-66637 Sales Order Entry Regression – Invoice Edit list is including lines from prior shipments that have been posted Case


D-67379 Sales Order Entry Incorrect Values on the Invoice Edit List Report when currency is involved and partial shipment occurs Case


D-68172 Sales Order Entry Can’t partial ship a serialized part Case


D-64450 Shop Floor Control The due date of a firm shop order can

change if the related customer order is changed




Crystal Report Changes

ID Report Name Report File
D-63823 Packing List PKLPORT1.RPT