2021 Mid-Year – English
File Size: 203MB
Release Date: 6/9/2021
Version: 18.3.1290


Installation Instructions

It is recommended to have a working backup of the the following items before applying any patch file:

  1. DYNAMICS database
  2. All company databases
  3. Reports.dic – export the reports through Customization Maintenance (Tools | Customize | Customization Maintenance)
  4. Forms.dic – export the forms through Customization Maintenance (Tools | Customize | Customization Maintenance)
  5. eConnect PRE and POST Procedures if customized

NOTE: The Reports.dic and the Forms.dic may be located on the server or each workstation. If located at each workstation, make sure to backup the dictionaries at all workstations.

If you have Microsoft Dynamics GP already installed, use the steps below:

  1. Download the latest patch release and installation guide below.
  2. At the Microsoft SQL Server, double-click the patch file and the install will be silent and only show a progress window.
  3. At the Microsoft SQL Server, launch Microsoft Dynamics GP Utilities and update the DYNAMICS database and all company databases.
  4. Once the databases are updated at the server, update the modified forms and reports at the Additional Tasks window. Refer to the installation guide for the steps to update.
  5. Install the patch file at all client workstations. The patch file can be published using Automatic Client Updates. Once a user logs in, they will be automatically prompted to install the patch.

If you are updating to Microsoft Dynamics GP, the latest patch must be installed prior to launching Utilities. Refer to the steps below:

  1. Install Microsoft Dynamics GP including the Microsoft Dynamics GP features you use.
  2. At the end of the Microsoft Dynamics GP installation, click Finish in the Installation Complete window.
  3. Install the latest Microsoft Dynamics GP patch.
  4. Convert your databases using Microsoft Dynamics GP Utilities.
  5. Update all modified reports and forms dictionaries.



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