MAX Client Troubleshooting

MAX ERP Client Install Troubleshooting


  1. Go to \\YourServerName\EXACTSHARED\EXACT\EXACT\RMSERVER\NET\SETUP.EXE then click through and perform a client install. If prompted for license location select: \\ YourServerName \EXACTSHARED\EXACT\RMSERVER\lic folder
  1. Login to workstation
  2. Navigate to \\ YourServerName \EXACTSHARED\SERVERMOVE
  3. Execute the ServerMove.bat as Administrator
  4. Review the Command Prompt screen for errors. All copies should succeed.
  5. Log into MAX
  6. MAX will initiate the upgrade process by redoing the Crystal install first and then execute the MAX update on the local machine. Follow the prompts and complete and log into MAX.


1) Not a local admin on the machine (Windows – Computer)

2) .Net 3.51 not loaded in Windows (Control Panel – Windows Features)

3) Firewall is on or no exception for Port 8080 or 1433

4) Server Move bat did not copy files

5) Terminal Server: sometimes the user does not have permissions to update the needed registry settings to point to the license file for their remote session using the terminal server. MAX setting get iterated by remote session in Windows and thus need to be updated for the needed session.

  1. Navigate to the key >> [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ExactRM\Executive\DataManager\JOE-PC##Terminal##SRV-123]

Note that the key location for this users connection has the form COMPUTERNAME##Terminal##SERVERNAME

  1. Check the settings – they must look like this:



"ERMCompanyName"="YourMAXCompanyTextName" >> this is what you see under the company name when you log into MAX

The above is all that can really happen.

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