Windows 10 Installs Failures and Crystal Upgrade – Report Button Click No Report

Windows 10 Installs Failures and Crystal Upgrade – Report Button Click No Report

The issue with the Windows 10 machines is resolved with a workaround – pending development fix – reporting on CC to support herein.

There is a workaround that was hard won sometime ago but I applied it here and the test machine is working – so we can get the rest of them installed and working with a quick trick.

Here are the steps.

The basic concept is that upgraded installs worked fine and new ones on the latest Windows 10 patch failed. I discovered that for new installs clicking the report button yielded no action. Means it could communicate internally to execute its intended activity. Had to be registry for Crystal of location of installed files on Windows 10 installs with new Windows 10 patch.

  1. Remove and clean off any previous install of MAX and Crystal from any profiles on the machine failing. Use CCleaner to remove old reg entries (freeware)
  2. There is a new folder on the server \\srv-max\exactshared\exact\rmserver\new588
  1. Run setup and install 5.5.8 MAX first
  2. …say yes to everything and Next on through

Run the ServerMove batch file first as Admin to copy all files and then as the user’ profile to update the Registry for MAX

  1. \\srv-max\exactshared\ServerMove\ServerMove.bat

Run MAX and allow it to upgrade

  1. Crystal Upgrade runs first …say yes to everything and Next on through
  2. When Prompted Upgrade Max to 5.5.9

Let me know if this doesn’t make sense we can try next couple remote to make sure you guys have the hang of it.

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