SOI – Prerequisite Information fails

SOI – Prerequisite Information fails

Revision Date: 08/09/2018

Module: Synergy Office Integration – (SOI)

Version: 258sp6


While installing SOI with Office 2013, 2016 or 365 already installed the following error may appear.

Executing the Exact.SOI.Prereqquisite.installer.exe runs but does not appear to do anything. The only choice when complete is "Download" or "Next", selecting "Next" closes the SOI install screen.

Solution 1: Office 2013

From Control Panel, Programs and Features, find Microsoft Office, right click, change, select repair. Let Office repair run to completion. This may take awhile to complete. Once the Office repair has finished, install SOI once again as the user of the machine with local administrators privilege’s.

Solution 2: Office 2016\365

Attached to this document is the SOI installer fix for ESE258sp6 and Office 2016\365. Rename your synergyofficeintegration.msi from the Synergy\Cab folder, drop this in and unzip.

Close all Office products and be logged onto the machine as the user with local administrative permissions before installing SOI. Then install SOI through the Synergy System Module.

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