Database Column and UDF Field Creation Procedure

So the basic questions you need to ask when creating the definition are:

1) Is the creation and definition of the new column or use thereof approved by the System administrator?

2) How is it defined in the system by its authors?

3) Does your definition match the definition by the system designers of (MAX, Synergy…)?

* If not then can a UDF be created that you can explicitly define and use.

* Can the label be changed as in the UDF Key and Ref

* Changing something like Commodity Code to something like Packing Type or some other definition is strongly cautioned due to user misunderstanding and ambiguity.

4) Who are the users?

5) Where is it entered in the system? Does the workflow work for users?

6) Is Security Required? Review and apply as needed. If no security the devise an Event to check usage and user updates/train and correct as needed.

7) Who needs training on its routine use?

8) Create measure to double check and correct its use – this is the event manager.

9) Document as policy and add to local training manuals for easy training of new employees and review by existing personnel.

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